22 June 2015

Full Moon Tonight

So maybe I don’t heed the warnings - those 
odd, contrapuntal assertions we are at best 
a bunch of eccentrics; but who gives a toss 

We’ve managed to merge the more arcane 
no-loss view of ourselves, those in our own 
image penchants we’d like to think of as us 

But here is the end of an era; our moon’s a 
timely reminder of who’s turn it is to tell lies 
and so the game gratuitously gathers air 

It is there in the shadows stretched across 
windows - oscillating gently where harsher 
light swears arcane events no allegiance 

The sun will rise tomorrow it suggests - but 
this is where we’re together in evenness of 
of intent - think again of the cost as a gain 

While you’re in a bright light’s role there is 
sequestered structure to events, you’ll get 
endorsement - and possibly even acclaim

Yet here no-one cares - be whomever you 
see as relevant, there’s only you judging it 
as fair portrayal, we don’t need convincing 

And morning’s fare rests naggingly easier 
than a critic’s audience suggesting you’ve 
failed again to convince the greater mien 

Finding and being whom you really are in 
New Moon’s light mitigates relaxation - a 
respite from being what you’re not - 

And seeming trite’s what makes a recess
of blessing’s momentary tenure a lifetime 
of unpretentious, grandiloquent geste 

© 5 January 2015, I. D. Carswell