24 June 2015


You could call it ‘sport’ I guess, like watching a 
match where the team game is played to rules 
you think you understand - only they’ll say it is 
entertainment, thus a predilection as such has 
little or no relevance politically; - its an election 
for heavens sake, so why do you want it to be 
a game with its ‘score’ as a justification for an 
‘appropriateness’ rationale that makes sense

Okay, it’s Queensland, and in this poll Gollum 
and 35 LNP aspirants got a*sed; you’d like to 
ask why, hinting at whether they were actually 
‘in’ or ‘out’ would’ve made clarity to the ‘fest’, 
yet all you get is ‘preferences’ from experts in 
the bleachers who only see wood in trees 

None-the-less I guess we’ll still have 3 years 
to regret umpiring in this dismissive match … 
© 31 January 2015, I. D. Carswell