26 June 2015


That ‘fortieth’ birthday came with bonuses one 
might have estranged - perhaps the intimacies 
of growing older with three young daughters is 
a range of abstracting conflicts they’re into - or 
damned if they’ll play your tune; but of the day 
you’re feted and blessed, half-measures there 
paled as shades of crimson grew blooms in a 
fest of affection you’re definitely assured - 

The rest of it flew gentle circuits about hearts 
impressed with nearness & depth of the love 
orbiting your trajectory - yes you may well be 
a 40 yr old but be assured the reflections are 
not blithe but discretionary indices of your net 
worth as their best ever insurance in life … 
© 26 January 2015, I. D. Carswell

For Christian on his 40th birthday