25 June 2015

No Comment

You’d have to say Lozza (er, that’s Laurie Daley) 
makes little sense in playing loose bat regarding 
Michael Jennings; mate, the games dignity’s not 
at stake - lost that with a Gallon of thuggery - it’s 
what it takes to agree intimidating th’ Police isn’t 
the same as on-field referees; ‘tho the case has 
yet to be heard you’d guess there’s niggle in the 
woodpile here called - State of Origin III 

Shutting your face with a ‘no comment’ isn’t this 
Junee boy’s graceful recognition of an impasse - 
not that he’d recognise one unless it tackled him 
on-field without th’ pill; so for him its a big ask, & 
ill-acceptance is more in tune with the inimitable 
way he played for - & now coaches The Blues 

If Michael Jennings is the only man he needs to 
be confident of winning Game 3 there’s no hope 
of reprieve - but at one each, with the decider in 
Brisbane, maybe it suggests ‘arrogant thuggery’ 
isn’t th’ same indeed as confrontational subtlety; 
not that he’d recognise the breed either way

© Tuesday 23 June 2015, I. D. Carswell