25 June 2015

Espresso Indulgence

Breakfasting on Jatz biscuits and peanut butter 
might seem a trifle indulgent - unless one adds 
well brewed coffee; yes espresso, short black - 
with a dash of ginger syrup - now that’s doting, 
but it’s against a background of the ABC news, 
Andrew Boult backing Murdoch’s ‘sacking’ of a 
Tony Abbott error in awarding Prince Phillip an 
honour of a knighthood on Australia Day 

Or you can jeer at Campbell Newman’s score 
in a ‘trustworthiness’ poll compared with Mdm 
Annastacia Palaszczuk; 3.2 v. 4.4 out of 10 - 
meaning I guess an expectancy our potential 
premier won’t rate high on integrity - because 
we can’t believe ‘em capable of it anyway 

That there is an election this Saturday is well 
aired - with inane trimmings of that wearying, 
speculative ‘innuendo’ burying every hope of 
it ever having clarity of reason & sense; such 
is the way of making compromise bearable - 
when all else fails, just join hands and dance 

© 29 January 2015, I. D. Carswell