08 June 2015


It is the spiced rum - no ‘Gerri’ about that, 
and yet I’m relaxed - me old mate Podge 
suggests it’s a bit dodgy - he’d know well 
its from a half-arsed conviction that we’d 
be better off eating goannas before they 
scaled trees of our raw ambition, - those 
addictions don’t ease anything you'd see 
as somnolent expressions - usually, 

But here we’re freed usual parameters; a 
gift if you want, not that you get it for free 
of an analogy suggesting you’re cause - if 
not as passé as a pair of damp jocks for 
originality; so get used to it, th’ rum’s ok; 
thus - let’s deflate all that too - prosit! 

© 3 February 2015, I. D. Carswell