09 June 2015

The Game

If it is incredible that the way out of a dead end 
isn’t always backwards then I’d be amazed; its 
supposition is an original bearing apprized this 
impasse, phases like passing go but not being 
in receipt of a $200 get-out-of-jail fee means a 
stasis in-place and that isn’t necessarily where 
it ends; a game for the wary if making amends 
is the tactical sense of your starting again 

So warily we start again, seeing more rules to 
contend with than players vying for part of the 
same action we’d surmised made sense to all 
equally; surprise, surprise, its fool’s gold; wise 
after the event pays fees but changes a game 
we genuinely thought we’d originally invented 

© 3 February 2014, I. D. Carswell