11 July 2015

Hold On

Closer to the nub of it, if ‘it’ is what we’ve dubbed 
the source of this pusillanimous contention, what 
in the wash it actually was is lost in a controversy 
unable to stand-off its ‘origins’ of palaeolithic self-
centredness; ‘I’ becomes ‘we’ while their scenery 
revolves around dissent for and against who’s in 
the only chair of supposed reasoning that ‘its’ an 
adjunct of ‘me’ & which naturally means ‘us’ - 

You facetiously declare hold on, you swing on a 
limb with simian-like anthropological flair, it isn’t 
a subject where what you think matters more or 
whatever seems more real to you is the lore we 
need to abide by - ‘it’ is uncontroversially not, & 
wasn’t ever, the lottery you’ve almost contrived 

© 16 January 2015, I. D. Carswell