04 July 2015

Sight To Share

I still have the glossy-glitter polish painted 
on my big toes; wow, you must have really 
indulged them you’ll say - and yeah, it’s in 
vogue knowing they’ll find ‘a novel way’ to 
eventually decorate me - better acquiesce 
with a modicum of control than end up in a 
dress with scarf, lipstick and high heels - 
yet in a sense I did, tho’ quite gracefully 

Pop, they’d cajole - come on, let’s get with 
NOW as the fashion, which in their opinion 
told how they like to be seen out ‘n about - 
and fair enough, they’re outright beauties - 
but I drew a line at strawberry spray they 
liked streaked into their blonde hair 

I’m a grey grandpa I say proudly, ‘n like it 
this way - you’ll rarely see blokes my age 
with red streaks in what’s left of their hair, 
and if you did you’d likely die laughing; oh 
yeah they guffaw, that would be a sight to 
share with these new friends we’ve made 

© 29 January 2015, I. D. Carswell