13 July 2015


So Mahmoud, your number’s up; seems the 
rage for violence drums invalid metre - in an 
innocence too intermittent, we resonated in 
seeing your brand of sanctity as too ‘selfish’ 
to be in the interests of humanity - and then 
what’s new is we’ve backed our decree with 
guarantees we’ll hang you publicly in forums 
you claimed gave you sacred rights to kill all 

‘Unbelievers’; so, in the same sanctimonious 
rhetoric chanted by your brethren, we’ll now 
commit acts even Hell branded intransigent, 
demoting you to memories of a stupidity too 
‘bloodthirsty’ to let be; believers don’t maim 
or kill, they engender decency for change 

© 2 February 2015, I. D. Carswell