14 July 2015


Its not that my love’s elocution’s phrased in the 
eccentric manners of a lawnmower - or bizarre 
way of saying ‘you’ve done your bit, I’ll do mine 
too but in my style’, I’m only listening to cricket; 
while the outcome of a 50-over England versus 
Australia match isn’t the end of our mutuality, it 
tests whether I’d let Midsomer Murders be that 
difference - so she mows the lawn at 6 pm 

Oh, it is cooler then, granted, and we need not 
debate who’s cooking tea, dare I say dinner or 
am I being pedantic, of beautiful green prawns 
in stir-fry we both have pleasurable memories 
of; that we share more than we acrimoniously 
debate makes this worth its pure pleasantry 

© 1 February 2015, I. D. Carswell