12 July 2015

Old Adages

To suggest I don’t exist anymore isn’t all that bad, 
the cusp of it’s a wry acknowledgement - must’ve 
been images exciting reasons whatever was isn’t 
or are we dreaming, a diaspora in a sense we’ve 
left for somewhere but hadn’t been seen leaving - 
yet we’re not here, so the disappearance argues 
against never being in this existence except as a 
memory of that which might’ve never been 

But I am glad; this is a new regime where all old 
adages are brushed clean and brightened into a 
novel meaning less the dust of centuries, crisply 
clear against innuendoed arguments we’d’ve no 
hope of defending against - were we keen - and 
I’m sure that I’m here to certainly not care … 

© 4 February 2015, I. D. Carswell