15 July 2015

Grey Saturday

Buckwheat-pancake-fed and lying abed on a grey 
Saturday - comfortably warm, suggesting lethargy 
I don’t see reason to deny; th’ spouse vacuuming 
discretely - & granddaughter Georgia keeping her 
vocal enthusiasm in check (while training th’ dogs, 
or vice versa) tactfully; no reason for my elevation,  
unless midday impending accelerates its arrival to 
announce an earlier-than-expected visitor advent 

So we’ll take matters as they arise (or demand an 
untoward bent; either with th’ sun’s break-through 
or loo-visit-need becoming superordinate); it’s not 
too late to break preoccupations of monotony, but 
that’s not the way we’ll let today play its hand, the 
unexpected has grand visions of delusion too  

© 4 July 2015, I. D. Carswell