05 July 2015


There have been more hectic days - yet seldom 
as many personalities emerged to fill the gaps - 
they’re eclectic kinesiology expressions, or just 
beginnings of what will be, yet real signs appear 
in the seams with consistency too adroit to be a 
mere coincidence; my grandkids you’ll say, with 
an inward sigh like a portentous smile of relief - 
and as my best guess - this is only a prelude 

Two, four and five years of age, a handful when 
the fingers clutch at still-vibrating air of a surreal 
promise to behave within a sinecure of properly, 
tho there’s ample evidence of civility without too 
hard-handed definition of standards to apply - a 
comfort zone where we can find lucid refuge 

More hectic days, yes - but rarely as enervating 
as word origin discussions with a four year old 
who knew what he was talking about - & didn’t 
see it as pretentious or odd, merely a chat with 
Granddad who thought he knew a few of them 
you’d likely be quite interested in hearing too 

© 23 January 2015, I. D. Carswell