07 August 2015

A Reckoning

This poetry thing has its way of integrating 
the most mundane into occasions you will 
remember - and for the right reasons; like 

in your search for true and proper words to 
capture and constrain all rogue elements of 
confused and evasive feeling it hones your 

frustration to where a quantum shift begins 
betiding new idioms in thinking, old palings 
pall & fail under strain of rarely used argot 

revealing inner meaning; you’re suddenly 
wallowing in instantaneous wisdom, wear 
measure of an armour of invincible insight - 

invisible to all but the ‘enlightened’, see the 
clear and simple in an obvious atmosphere 
clouded by frustration of its polluted doubt 

 - and there an horizon bares witness, sees 
your hand signals as words and calls aloud 
to all the poet voices - behold a reckoning! 

© 20 December 2013, I. D. Carswell