08 August 2015


The Russia I see is an intransigent hand raised 
disdainfully in federation la la land; the Security 
Council isn’t an ocean of Muscovite duplicity or 
have we missed something - were they indeed 
Russian-backed separatists Moscow deny who 
shot MH17 - with 298 passengers & crew, from 
the sky over eastern Ukraine July 17 last year? 
Vetoing the UN international criminal tribunal’s 

Formation to investigate’s a peculiarly Russian 
way of saying nyet - not that we haven’t heard 
it before, & you can bet Vitaly Churkin obeyed 
his directions from Moscow; so there’s likely a 
whole lot of truth in an assertion this ‘charade’ 
is an already replayed ‘razluka’ farce 

© 30 July 2015, I. D. Carswell