21 August 2015


Well, we nearly had an internet connection today; now 
out here that’s a famous play on words, and if there is 
irony also - displaying meanings of what Bureaucracy 
still sees as an opportunity; thus no, what you expect 
isn’t the reality we view because you nearly had more 
of the cake we baked out in the rain & a Public view’s 
a given when you’re getting something for free; that it 
wasn’t what we signed up for didn’t seem pertinent 

So we could see where we’d connect but a nonsense 
when we weren’t allowed to do so unless in a Library 
or public place - & privacy you have to ‘pay’ for we’re 
informed dispassionately; well hey, read my lips, this 
place’s about as public as you could get mate - we’d 
paid double th’ price already just getting a phone on 

That we can’t see how its an opportunity when we’re 
depressed below the National ‘accessibility' average 
and still can’t get a look in doesn’t make bureaucratic 
waves; but its not the way our Provider sees satellite 
broadband coverage, so in a week they’ll smooth red 
tape and we’ll be sweetly internet massaged again 

© 15 April 2015, I. D. Carswell