22 August 2015


Another of those days where you’re looking forward 
to it ending - it isn’t a matter of how far you’ve come 
or pretending getting there was a feat, it's more fear 
eroding the odds for tomorrow’s victories. And there 
aren’t any free; you know consumed energy's price, 
whether there'll be a discount or not isn’t in th’ cake 
you’ve sliced on your plate, that you know well, like 
a portentous augury in view of things yet to come 

So you close the page - at least that will still be real 
tomorrow; finding it may be another thing - that trial 
yet to come but you’ve saved invested energy from 
fate’s fickle, and as a faithful Op Sys believer know 
at least they do what they’re told; so maybe you’ve 
given yourself the chance to resurrect again … 

© 4 August 2015, I. D. Carswell