20 August 2015


Stella is five today, she’ll make the most of a case 
claiming she’s really 18 and therefore perceived to 
be free of all parental restriction; it won’t be radical 
or different from where she’s always been at - free 
of reserve, if only in that it’s her first prize - & she’ll 
be glad with little ado to share on her own terms, if 
we make way for an occasional peccadillo; there’s 
enough established sense thus to not demur 

But we’re looking at a prodigy - and the beginning 
of an era where what seems to matter fails to ‘gel’ 
because there’s insufficient latitude - yet she also
carries Ingrid as name to witness that beautiful or 
beloved she’ll be someone to contend with, mark 
her words on that, & hearken to what she says … 

© 16 August 2015, I. D. Carswell

On the occasions of Granddaughter Stella Ingrid's 
fifth birthday