17 August 2015

The Plot

So Bronwyn’s done the deed and resigned like a 
good girl should; can’t say the same for The Bott, 
he blames the system for th’ rot Ms Bishop went 
thru - chopper hire or not - and claims it needs a 
comprehensive review. Gee, would’ve been real 
tidy if done when former Speaker Peter got The 
Slipper, or didn’t it appear as germane as Bron’s 
internecine yet very close-mouthed controversy 

What’s obvious is our politicians aren’t examples 
of discrete, or good, behaviour regarding either a 
public funding guarantee for ‘business’ travel any 
more than Public Service bureaucrats ‘ostensibly’ 
seeing nothing untoward in freebooter occasions, 
or decry revealing the whole truth when queried 

What it means is the plot stops with The Bott 

© 3 August 2015, I. D. Carswell