09 August 2015

Trump Card

Has he played his Trump card yet - a Republican 
gesture we’re all supposed to understand like the 
adages of yesteryear, - but something’s away off-
beam and detracts, a hi brow unruliness mayhap, 
a missing aggregation of refined coiffure; instead 
scraggy hairline presses for admission where we 
usually get groomed conservatism - and sadly it 
makes what he’s said seem all-over-the-place 

What it implies is, “I don’t have to impress y’all - 
I’m already a huge success - & lookee at all the 
otha candidates, where the difference makes its 
own statement; I come from where you’ll wanna 
be when I’m running th’ Presidency, so come on 
& vote for me n’ we’ll all get to snare th’ cake” 

© 22 July 2015, I. D. Carswell