10 August 2015

Dressed In Evidence

Let us say our error was in the way we had avoided 
thinking things through; no malice or intent, ennui to 
a certain extent played a part, fed the scapegoat we 
knew inferred who ‘circumstantially’ whitewashed all 
who dressed in evidence of a farce - &, accordingly, 
roles we decorously maintained were staid & plainly 
sedate, but its a big ask of 2 dupes assuming each 
other the ‘fall-guy’ and hypothetically guilty bastard 

Thinking was too late to redress what became this 
monumental disarray and a blessing for parasites; 
but that’s the ‘blighted’ way of failing to see such a 
view takes in least aspect of perspectives outside 
an arbitrary frame of how much is in it for me, and 
sadly, that really isn’t either new or unique 

© 3 March 2015, I. D. Carswell