11 August 2015

Seeing Forever

And so - on a clear day you can see forever - or is 
it what you’d want to view when mist clears; better 
yet - a track not littered with Old Grace’s offerings; 
she has them placed thoughtfully every fifth step - 
proffering directions discretely in neat horse-dung 
piles to guide your feet; well it makes this journey 
more of an adventure than gazing vacantly into a 
bathed-in-wonder, wide & enchanted blue yonder 

Tho’ we didn’t stop to say good-day to Her Grace 
she greeted us with a head-nod, snicker maybe if 
she’d overheard complaining; gee, there’s tons of 
it, so what does she do all day; well, graze, she’d 
say most likely, and ramble a bit in seeking relief 
from endless boredom of always seeing forever 

© 27 July 2015, I. D. Carswell