10 August 2015

Stunningly Modest

If you’re a mobile phone calamity then Delaney’s 
Creek’s the place to cure your woeful grief; we’re 
buried deeper here by Telstra’s mainstream view 
there’s always room for more, sure unless y’ain’t 
true blue with the National provider; & there’s no 
need to selectively alienate in known blackspots, 
we’ll make it wider so it fits all who disagree, well 
you’ve clearly succeeded already in being so … 

& here’s what you’ll receive - nothing - unless a 
bill or ne’er-do-well provider’s promotional ambit 
shooting breezes which don’t denigrate Telstra’s 
idea of what’s fair & equitable; now, switch to th’ 
Telstra Mobile plan immediately - or mate, you’ll 
suffer a fate of the permanently incommunicado 

© 13 February 2015, I. D. Carswell