12 August 2015

Hiding To None

Watching the Waratahs winging while losing was a 
pleasure I’d like to get accustomed to - that a team 
most would’ve written-off rubbed salt into the ‘Tahs 
wounds, all while playing the better game, made it 
so much more poignant; and a ‘flag’ there for sore 
losers gained credence as light-blue faded to grey 
in a thoroughly tanned hiding-to-none no-one’d be 
able to laugh-off - or ignore, even if politely done 

Well, the Highlanders came and trashed an egoist 
pretence brim-full of their own brash superiority or 
did I miss the cue, so imbued with a sense of their 
own importance they actually ‘forgot’ they had not 
yet played th’ game before taking winners stance 
in full view of the disbelieving rugby fraternity - &  

Hearing ‘unbiassed’ NSW commentators blaming 
it upon a South African referee didn’t make sense 
or ease discomfort either; it’s decadence we now 
associate with Sydney’s rugby hegemony, rightly 
or wrongly because we’re guaranteed we’ll get it 
shoved in our faces like a hiding-to-none 

© 28 June 2015, I. D. Carswell