13 August 2015

Monkeybong Creek

Must be time to revisit a scene we’d taken for 
granted; when you live up-country a price you 
pay is Monkeybong Creek advice; its innocent 
if it doesn’t rain, then raging in torrents if more 
than an inch; we’ve edge-on common sense - 
yet lesser rationality within it than say a moon 
phase where rain isn’t that concupiscent sum 
of sunspot gravitational indigence, or the new 

Meteorological theory we’re on a knife-blade 
of Bungo Creek’s assertion, its relieved to be 
able to release flow downstream; a great way 
to say trust me, but who goes shy recognising 
if water flows down, then realistic expectation 
tends to be about remaining up and afloat 

Well we didn’t drown, nor did our Creeks back 
up crazy, which they do by arbitrary and inane 
induced restrictions, narrow bridge-ways being 
among a few, so we’ll patiently wait for the ex 
Tropical Cyclone Marcia’s abatement to safer 
category two within the next 2 days - maybe ..

© 21 February 2015, I. D. Carswell