11 August 2015

Tonality Of Doom

So let’s call it a conspiracy of concupiscence - if we 
knew what that meant - or a turgescence of lewdity 
with obvious intent; that we’re playing with words is 
not the issue as much as too few clear meanings a 
‘blue-in-the-face’ discourse with common ‘epithets’ 
fails to glue into place; we use the same ‘word’ but 
are miles away in an innuendo of aphrodisiacal yin 
too subtle to play whimsey in each attentive ear 

The LNP were wasted last Saturday, obvious to all 
bothering to hear tonality tolling doom; a ‘dramatic’ 
end to some careers and melodramatic harbingers 
fabricating theatrics with their own invented alibis - 
a farce masquerading as Australian politics in that 
theatrical replay of comedy too ripe to survive 

© 5 February 2015, I. D. Carswell