20 August 2015

Holy Saturday

Holy Saturday - the Easter day we somewhat tend to 
take for granted; just hoovered the floor, a task made 
easier when th’ dogs are confined outdoors on a dull, 
likely to drizzle but quaintly misty morning - the sun’s 
made an honorary appearance brightening dew drop 
decorations in the trees suggesting a chance we get 
a load of washing out now - maybe it’ll dry - maybe - 
but more likely a hasty retrieval and relocation; but

Them’s the breaks on this Holy Saturday, one where 
we plan a quiet assault on accumulated rubbish with 
a mid-morning dump-trip highlighting this new mode 
of up-country living; we’re free to recycle whatever it 
takes to make proper choices resound gratefully but 
empty wine and beer bottles forsake it anyway … 

© 4 April 2015, I. D. Carswell