27 August 2015

Unilateral Sanctity

We can give the Iranians what they want in an 
attempt to reduce strain on a potential nuclear 
event the World shudders grievously at - & yet 
we’ve seen the effects all too clear; detente or 
what smacks of tainted convenience comes in 
the face of saintly Islamic extremism guised in 
deeds of Jihadi mass-murderers; okay, they’re 
not exactly similar - but imagine if they were 

In face of deranged sanctimony condoned by 
the Islamic faith, we may’ve forestalled a dire 
nuclear impasse; one where our deeds place 
weapons in hands of insane religious leaders 
who claim ‘territorial sovereignty’ in the name 
of an ideological aberration Islam terms ISIS 

So much for free choice or even a freedom to 
choose whether to worship; these beasts see 
infidels in any ‘disagreeing’ to their egregious 
embrace, claiming they are saviours of a new 
humanity, & no room for others’ saintly views 
but sanctity of their unilateral interpretation 

© 16 July 2015, I. D. Carswell