14 August 2015


Whether waiting for the washing machine to 
end its eco cycle or an espresso brew you’ll 
brace with dark agave nectar, there’s only a 
few items on today’s agenda which may irk 
an otherwise classic Friday, February 13th; 
only noted that when a thumb was gashed - 
dumb, unimportant & a minor accident; we 
efficiently band-aid our way to serendipity 

But washing load three may not have been 
granted the same expectancy as its earlier 
partners, getting a bit cloudy out there tho’ 
a breeze suggests drying won’t necessarily 
take an age - and that was the irksome bit, 
I’m still chained here until its all retrieved 

On reflection, that’s not as bad as making 
grudging sacrifice of a day you’d intended 
anyway to be low key and very stationary - 
so I’m engaged in that domestic harmony 
we dream about, or perceive as how She 
manages to stay so sane introspectively 

© 13 February 2015, I. D. Carswell