27 August 2015

The Other Side

While it feels like a vast distance we’re only 25 minutes 
away - and yes, it is a bit stranger on the other side; for 
starters the word-play ‘subtlety’ takes no prisoners over 
there, or am I imagining 20 years of humourless lingua 
Peachester where the adroitness of terms merged into 
grey anonymity; crikey, here repartee’s a smorgasbord 
all the time - but we’re south of the Glasshouse divide, 
hidden amongst eldritch hills with names like Mt Mee 

It seems pioneer is deeper in this demesne, more than 
the northern-slopes sophisticates, so if rustic takes the 
mickey out of being polite here a ‘richness’ of dialogue 
bakes th’ cake a little bit differently; suffice to say we’d 
scoff at any who took the district ‘Delaney’s Creek’ too 
seriously - especially if you live near Bungo brook 

© 28 February 2015, I. D. Carswell