27 August 2015

Surviving Rhetoric

So if there’s an easier way, show me; you don’t 
need pontificate on how inept I might be, surely 
that’s a given when the show runs to your beat; 

but it’s a helluva crazy rhythm some would say, 
too far-out to defeat the wherewithal blues you 
claim we unsophisticates suffer as epilepsies 

come to think of it, better to be unaware and all-
but unconscious than seated too comfortably; it 
isn’t a chair locked into the mainstream tempo 

and that’s evident, we’re assured, by sanity we 
recently reviewed; - as a general rule you don’t 
need be nutty, or wholly insane, to appreciate 

the finer points of whose view rainbow-colours 
reality created by such ebullience; we’d be just 
as appreciative were we, too, prudently sane 

but we’re not or we wouldn’t be here, so preach 
your sermon on our inadequacies today & we’ll 
appreciatively applaud by going our own way 

© 15 July 2015, I. D. Carswell