17 August 2015

Tall Mist

Call it what you will, - a low cloud or tall mist,
but today the bet grey’ll persist a lot longer’s 
wasted controversy, and standing even less 
chance breaking thru is sunny magnanimity; 
to believe 7% meteorological prospect of rain 
with any confidence forecasts breeze-change 
to quietly blow this non-precipitous monotony 
away from these completely banded hills;

We’re waiting in 98% humidity - that’s all but 
rain so they’ll likely win the argument, & its a 
lay-down misère by their reckoning, bleak in 
th’ best prospects yet we’re expected to see 
this an appropriate form of reality; crikey, all 
I see’s a low cloud or damnedly tall mist! 

© 17 August 2015, I. D. Carswell

Here's the same scene an hour and a half later