16 August 2015

To Merely Survive

Wouldn’t call it a shambles yet - not when we’ve 
more-or-less retrospectively argued its particular 
case to an early death; like that wry view the war 
won’t last more than a single-lifetime-experience 
of any personal cognisance - hardly a comforting 
concept, if you have to die for it to end, or is that 
really what the trend insights; there’s not a hope 
it will consciously cease while you remain alive 

There’s still a belief you’ll live again in memories 
of brothers-in-arms, comrades for whom it never 
flies; & we’ve ample evidence of these, all stated 
with a startling but unsettled clarity dismissed as 
‘battle fatigue’ - a similar fallout derived debating 
why we’ve need to make war to merely survive 

© 2 July 2015, I. D. Carswell