02 September 2015

In The Shade

Writing in the bay of a fig comes easy - they 
are the kindest trees, clean of limb & shady, 
and lyrically free with a breeze in them; say 
what you will about ‘rustle and roar’ of more 
than a thousand eucalypts plus jacaranda’s 
restoring equity after the purple debut - but 
few fail to be impressed with that eclipse of 
visual grandeur - yet the fig outlasts ‘em all 

So it’s in respect of this we state these figs 
grace us with their tall and regal splendour, 
obeying call of the sun - lilt of the wind, and 
swaying in a ‘queenly’ way - gently allaying 
discordancy from the susurrations Westerly 
unease flurries within our disordered trees 

© 23 May 2015, I. D. Carswell