18 September 2015


There is a sustenance of success in keeping well 
clear of the thresh - in this instance its where that 
old storeroom blends technically into a new study; 
your workplace my dear, she says portentously, & 
leaves it hanging like a bird in a cage, - continues 
drilling & hammering with devoted intensity you’re 
becoming used to; tho’ you can see there’s a plan 
it isn’t like that which you thought began this act 

Then the latest strategy reveals itself in a need to 
reorganise these broadband satellite feeder cable 
alignments away from its current ‘spare’ bedroom 
containment, - back to where it used to be before 
the study became a darkly ‘pre-history storeroom’ 
away in those mysteriously opaque middle ages

© 29 July 2015, I. D. Carswell