02 September 2015


So we take a momentous leap into the present 
where we meet a brainwashed teenager who’s 
charged with plotting to explode a bomb in the 
street, or public concourse of Martin Place - or 
any densely-peopled spot for that matter - as a 
who-knows-‘blot’ way to 'express' outrage - yet 
deemed religion-motivated & hazy in ideas lots 
of murdered people are the right solution to 

Oh at least he’s not doing it for notoriety; pure 
thoughts of great ‘personal sacrifice’ are ways 
to avoid that obloquy - and yet there’s no face 
to a cause with meaning, except that of inane 
regression to an insane age where the ‘event’ 
catastrophically explains things that matter 

What need concern us is the idea we’re party 
to its genesis, bystander innocence - culpably 
connected to infected greater-malaise - we’re 
in the way where we’re needed as the ‘frame 
of reference’, being the death and destruction 
expressed as causal indices of our demise 

All I can say’s that’s some fey brainwashing! 

© 11 May 2015, I. D. Carswell