17 September 2015

Savaged Virtually

Yeah, been a hard few days - like here we are 
dealing with weather effects; it is not always a 
case of too much or little - sometimes what’s in 
between the worst’s less appealing; mozzies ‘n 
midges for instance, spent hours easing itching, 
it wouldn’t be a concern normally, there’s ‘deet’ 
to rub on or spray before th’ deed but mortien’s 
an excuse after you’d been bitten disgracefully 

Or is it savaged virtually; then the situation of a 
bathroom ceiling collapsing, & that’s a bitch on 
a weekday before Easter; dammit you say - the 
rain’s eased, there’s no justice, we are going to 
appeal - but you clean up the yucky mess as a 
dutiful non-believer - and plan its resurrection 

It’s now Easter Monday, our Family’s lent us a 
benevolently magnanimous hand; - we’ve got 
it back in place - risen from th’ dead you could 
say - lots of fuss in balancing acts with screws 
& glue while dancing on trestles and ladders - 
but better than viewing a termite devastation's

graphic nudity effects - its a mortification from 
the left field - yet we’re blessed a success in 
ceiling restoration - & thus can rest in peace 

© 6 April 2015, I. D. Carswell