13 September 2015

Empty Chalice

Once it was like waiting for Godot - a timeless event of 
fond reminiscing - and a stage free of cluttered events; 
but here it is omniscience - with no escaping the drear 
consequence of foreboding & misgivings worn thin - a 
rotting-flesh sense that somebody’s time is almost up - 
that isn’t an easy state-of-being, not as an honourable 
denouement to merely jested-at ambitions, we wanted 
no more than our entitlement by any braw reckoning 

But it is said we had temerity in knowing the difference 
between what we were given and that due - as if we’d 
expressed expectations like terms of an act of criminal 
intent, and too clearly as criticism of authority; heaven 
forbid, its clear to any but beholder’s eyes bearing the 
undisguised and empty chalice we were presented 

© 21 April 2015, I. D. Carswell