12 September 2015

Mason Bees

The question’s why do we need mud wasps - or 
mason bees if you’ve a predilection fantasy - oh 
the idea’s prejudice-free, not that we are wrong 
or right in discretion by excepting predisposition 
for censuring clay as a true reason for so-called 
lack of stability, such that feet play a model role 
where what we want is to be ‘ceramic-baked’ in 
a mould of permanence wombs can’t provide 

Then there is the idea we really need the bee’s 
habits to draw a conclusion that sand & saliva’s 
best at illustrating the irony of persistence as a 
means to an end naturally, rather than any feet 
of clay analogies we’ve difficulty conceiving; its 
true too that bees don’t see it so either way
© 15 February 2015, I. D. Carswell

Yellow Potter Wasp - Delta campaniforme