14 September 2015

What May Be

Achieving an objective of two simultaneous connections 
may have re-opened the worm tin we elected to leave; a 
bravura projection but pc’s don’t, by any fey means, play 
to the same rules, another way for enslaved anarchy - & 
in our case the internet still sees one where there are ‘2’ 
tho’ - hey, we’re able to update applications safely, that’s 
the bonus to me - and interoperability is one step nearer 
than the internet cafe visit for free wi-fi perambulations 

And so goes the saying, be happy with the game you’ve 
got - not the one you think you’re playing; thus here are 
we on the threshold of understanding what it means - or 
is it a threat to free-range notions of space for all - and - 
strange as it seems, to be victims equally; so I savour a 
small victory - awaiting an inevitability of what may be 

© 9 June 2015, I. D. Carswell