01 October 2015


Letting things be came quietly - not from a raucous 
debate on Nature’s way & hardly relevant in a case 
we’re seeing first hand - more a residue of the droll 
belief humans do better; as they say, you wait long 
enough - haply a couple of millennia, and evidence 
of homo-sapiens fades to a quirky hubris you’d see 
as extraneousness if you’re not too self-centred, & 
that you’d only accuse Nature of metaphorically 

Who came first - if ‘who’ is relevant to what birthed 
this egocentric race of human indolence; evidence 
suggests we came after ‘chemical’ stew produced 
most everything else - yet our intransigence is still 
that of supreme, self-belief - until Nature diligently 
repairs it, which, so far, she’s always done quietly 

© 8 May 2015, I. D. Carswell