24 September 2015

Gustatory Omnibus

That it’ll rain away most of the day hasn’t really 
bent things out of shape - knowing ‘the state of 
play’ meant there’d be no opportunities to bowl 
‘em out before lunch leant in favour of an even 
more engaging occasion - we’re feast-planning 
as if its ordinary; Black Angus beef and pepper 
pies were notionally the go but went by th’ bye, 
a quaint way of saying - ‘into the next round’ 

And so we’ve Diane-steeped ribeye in the slow 
cooker - there’re plans to add some delicacies, 
maybe pumpkin, certainly tomatoes later - and 
with State of Origin 2 booked for tonight, ideas 
of fine ragout, plus a discretionary glass of red 
or two top-off a rainy-day gustatory omnibus 

© 17 June 2015, I. D. Carswell