23 September 2015


The classification’s ‘retired’, meaning I’ve ceased to 
work, or lead a quiet, secluded life, reduced contact 
with other people implied, or am reserved & taciturn; 
okay, so I will be all of these, if it concerns me - just 
because you see requirements I will frolic footloose 
and fancy-free - surely there’ll never be agreement 
on how to play my foisted character-role - and if we 
don’t get a say we reserve a right to stroll away 

Then even if the truth is one’s comfort fits well with 
vistas of quiet seclusion, it is amidst drudgery you 
dramatise as ‘active’ life; thus there is an immense 
chasm adrift in seas of delusion about whose view 
bridges the gap between you seeing only that and 
what we imagine - having been there & written it 

© 15 May 2015, I. D. Carswell