25 September 2015


While nowhere near expert territory of an artisan 
but in-between obviously ‘crafted’ need for some 
common-sense and fey skill-at-hand obtained in 
doing many home-repairs, we’ve effected what’s 
necessary; the cupboard door will swing cleanly 
& close without having to be slammed. Well, it’s 
not exactly the bees-knees but has restored the
dignity lost seeing pots and pans in full view

But it won’t be registered as an achievement - if 
we’re gauging this effort, it’ll be finding all of the 
tools necessary for the job - & returning them to 
their appropriate homes, then cleaning up - any 
mess left obviously negates congratulations; or 
am I just being a dogmatically correct pedant 

© 24 June 2015, I. D. Carswell