11 September 2015

Organised Well

10:25 am & the pizzas are made; it sort of says 
my day’s complete - if I was that well organised. 
I can only think a couple of hours ahead in truth, 
and sometimes it even surprises to remember it 
but reality has another name. She never gives a 
loose clue what’s the game, other than a cryptic 
comment to boot, and usually after an out-of-the 
blue phone call - or am I being a bit pernickety 

Thus, before ‘events’ rally into view, my beloved 
reminds me, her belief’s that too many things on 
my mind are distracting; a plus, as her plans are 
gems even if recently hatched, minutes-old from 
a chance-conversation, - & knowing a la la land 
explanation’s understanding will take a week 

So in innocence we play along, hearing aides in 
place and waiting for the cue to be conveniently 
nearby to overhear - if we’ve remembered to be 
forewarned; it comes as the currency handy for 
bargaining, opting warm surprise as our stance; 
regardless what’s eavesdropped perchance… 

© 23 July 2015, I. D. Carswell