15 September 2015

Massey’s View

Massey’s view’s a cup-cake synopsis of what it 
takes to keep her talents alive - she’ll survive a 
mite better than ok if she can get her ‘need’ for 
‘intimacy’ placated easily - is soft-hearted as to 
be bizarre - plays heartstrings belatedly with a 
becoming facility you need see; and there’s no 
way she plays true to her breed - appearances 
fallaciously deceive - earning her easy space 

And in that lap-dog way she earns accolades - 
with caution or two for her over-exuberance in  
hugs or caresses - & being all-but as tall as us 
each when she rears her full reach; - but she’s 
learning to be cool & sweet - and we teach her 
acceptable ways to show how much she cares 

© 21 May 2015, I. D. Carswell