15 September 2015

The Spill

Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy you’d 
like to say; in a wry observation, resignations 
handled by the Governor General resound a 
melodious tonality; but he’s on his way out & 
good riddance, th’ rustic banality of a budgie 
smuggling, cauliflower-eared PM’s way past 
its use-by date; Tony’s inept, inarticulate try 
to melodramatically pass the blame - failed 

But it isn’t over yet - Malcolm Turnbull’s now 
in the seat Tony Abbott raked him out of two 
years back, all it lacked was real bloodshed; 
but Liberals don’t bleed like Nationals so we 
won’t see gore-soaked bandages except for 
those displayed in the spectators gallery 

Sure, there’s something in a leadership spill 
suggesting hope for change but not against 
ingrained LNP intransigence; if the Bott lost 
his leadership slot because he tried leading 
we’ll soon see why diplomacy, & Malcolm’s 
articulate tactfulness, might hit the spot 

So the axe will be arranged where Hockey, 
Abetz, Truss, Brandis, Dutton & Pyne et al 
outrageously gyrate their way out of line 

© 15 September 2015, I. D. Carswell

Malcolm Turnbull becomes Australia's 29th PM