10 September 2015


With a bit of unequivocally incisive thunder and 
lightening tonight the scene’s set for a less than 
magnanimous exit for Saturday; wasn’t the best 
ever anyway, & too close to events we’d almost 
guarantee put the mocker on anything ‘joyously 
inclined’ - there’s cyclonic activity out to sea, its 
big enough to worry not just those in its path, & 
we’ve seen enough destruction to know why 

Whereas the eye of this storm’s unlikely to ‘fry’ 
us its meteorological effects surprise everyone, 
whether ‘plebs’ barely over the last two days of 
manic heat and ludicrous humidity - or pensive 
Cooktown & Vanuatu victims; we’re in another 
demesne with the current hurricane season 

© 22 March 2015, I. D. Carswell