16 September 2015

The Bet

There’s the irony, to be au fait declines naivety 
unless you fake the openness which breaks or 
bends the thought you’d had a hand in it; they 
say that silence is a wise defence, unless that 
hint of guilt it bides connects a turning tide, oy 
vey - am I that obvious suggests you knew, or 
paid a backhand compliment cognoscenti see 
as A OK within the sense you’ve just abused 

And then there’s me - not innocent at least as 
far as being open when it matters can assist - 
but deference implies you’re wiser than those 
staring, star-crossed eyes surmised, - & that’s 
a trap you won’t survive without a safety net - 
and thus the bet will never need be paid 

© 19 March 2015, I. D. Carswell